PUPPIES 1:st litter 2003

  Ozzy and Diesel
Mormor och farmor med valparna 8 veckorThe two proud grannies with the puppies.
Vi har haft så kul under hela valptiden och har genom våra hundar fått en härlig vänskap.
We grannies had so much fun with the whole puppy experience and have developed a wonderful friendship thanks to our dogs.

Diesel and Linus  Dad Zeke meeting them for the first time

Mmmmm I like that dad!  Oups -  a big poodle!

Ozzy (left) with Zeke in August 2004







Ozzy (left) with Zeke in August 2004


Kindubeam's Achilles in Disguise, Diesel

Diesel, 9 months
Diesel, 9 months old

Kindubeam's Amiri in Disguise, Rexi

Headstudy                  Rexi posing at My Dog show in Gothenburg 2006

Kindubeam's Asterix in Disguise, Asterix

Asterix summer 2004 "father like son" 
Asterix   Foto uppställningsbilden Christina Krol

Kindubeam's Atlas in Disguise, Ozzy

Ozzy 4-best Puppy at the Special with granny Liz  
Ozzy with Liz at the Speciality - 4 best malepuppy