Crazy / Brat - pictures

           Zeke playing with little Sihiri 10 weeks (Rhodesian ridgeback)

Hey,  guys listen to this...

    High on legs? Do you mean this!?            Shortbacked - must be this, right!?     

I will teach you how to make some nice posing in the showrings!

 My goodness,  look who's sitting in the window!

Hello there it's just me!

     I told you I'm the best!


Linus puts on hats and Zeke don´t mind

Devil in Disquise or after eyecontrole at the vet..... Photo by Linus in Köping sept 2003
Maybe he is a Devil in Disquise after all ? ! !

I hate these early mornings... Photo by Linus in Köping 2003
Zeke is very sleepy in the mornings! We better hope for a late start next time!

 Mmm.... looks like fresh food!
Hmmm ...   somehow I think I can get those bastards