Zekes symmetric markings from behind.
                        I'm very concentrated!                                    Zekes collar and white markings are very symmetrical

Johan and Zeke Newyearseve 2003
Johan and Zeke 2003

Tuva 4 months old and Zeke still higher

Zeke and Tuva in April 2004

 We went to a market and saw this collar made for people.  Me and my sons couldn't resist buying it for Zeke - just for fun!

Zeke and Tuva are playing in the garden
The Basenji specialty 2003
Photo Naranja Persson

Zeke och Tuva har kul ute, feb 2006

Zeke and Tuva looking out from the garden

Zeke 4,5 year old and Tuva 1,5 year old in May 2006.